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About Us

Apricus Consulting has been in incorporated as company since July 2000 delivering contracting and consulting work to numerous organisations.

Since 2000 we have continued to grow and partner with a number of specialist organisations to be able to deliver end to end business solutions to organisations from a wide spectrum of industries.

We have delivered solutions for a number of different industry spectrums, from Aircraft Leasing and management companies, Meat exporting, Law firms, Financial advisory, FMCG organisations,  Digital media to name a few, no business is to diverse.

Owner, Managing Director: Luke Horan
Is a family man with a young daughter Eliza and lovely wife Kellie, he is an avid photographer that loves travel, rugby and golf and is in the process of setting up a charity golf tournament called the "Oldboys Open" to help raise money for mens health.

Luke has over 17 years IT experience from humble beginings working for the Commonwealth Bank as a junior developer, to working in London and Dublin for a number of years understanding how the business of doing business is done and how technology can push your business forward. He is committed to enabling businesses through IT, but is down to earth and can have a drink with a plumber or a dinner with an exec to help solve their respective IT problems. 

He is always willing to help and if Apricus Consulting can't solve your problem, he can no doubt recommend a company that can.
So why not start up a conversation today.