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Free Tools for all.
There are so many people out there that help build and develop great products that supply them to everyone, we at Apricus would like to do the same for tools that we have found useful in some way that may help others.
All tools provided here are free to use change, no warranty is provided or inferred. Use at your own risk.
All source code is provided.
Is a simple web interface tool based off the MVC Web template that will search for any SQL Server DB's on the network or enter in your own external db server and allow you to login and export the data into an Excel Spreadsheet, It will create one tab for each table you export with the tab being named as the table name. This can be easily updated to include security around the export page or other pages added around it if you want to add more functionality.
There are Excel limitations with number of rows and columns so is only good if you stay within those boundaries. Currently does not check for excel bounds and has not been fully tested for all data scenarios, it's free so don't complain.
Login to your DB and the tables will automatically appear, then select the tables you wish to export. See below for an example. this will create an exported file.