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Apricus Consulting

Is the Information Technology company that has the strange name and the "Can Do" attitude. 

What's our Mantra, it quite simply ABC'S.

  • Aspire to achieve something out of the ordinary,
  • Believe that it is possible to achieve the extraordinary,
  • Commit to achieving your idea, and
  • Succeed in your business and life.

When you have "that" idea that will revolutionize the way you do business, but don't have the technical expertise to be able to turn that idea into reality. That's where we come in. We specialise in custom software development for small to medium sized organisations.

Whether it is a new business solution you are after, integrating in with existing business systems or require reports on your exsiting data, we would love to help.


Some of the solutions we deliver include custom business application solutions, custom content management systems, custom online training, SQL and Crystal reporting, CRM Integrations, OpenId Single Sign On implementations.


If you are not sure what you need for your business as IT is all a bit double dutch,  we can look at  your business and  set you on the right path for the future. What we do is help set your business apart from the rest. 

At Apricus Consulting we like to keep things simple as we believe the simplest solution is generally the best solution. That's why we keep things as simple and straight forward as possible and explain IT in terms that you understand.

So why not start up a conversation or submit a brief and we will come back with a quote.

Oh and what does Apricus mean?
         Well it's Latin for "loving the sun", and with sunlight comes growth, we hope you can spend some more time in the light to grow and prosper. 

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